Case Study
2016 Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider


Like many boat owners, Bud spent more time cleaning his boat than actually using and enjoying it. This is what prompted Bud to investigate ceramic coatings. Marine ceramic coatings not only make your boat shine like never before, but they also make ongoing maintenance much easier and more efficient.

Boat Brand:
350 Crossover Bowrider
Length Overall:
Ceramic Coating To:
Hull, Transom, Top Side, T-Top, Gunwales
Completion Time:
78 hours
Pompano, FL

Bud has gone to great lengths to ensure his Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider stays in great condition, purchasing covers for the topside and an additional cover that goes all the way down to the waterline. The one and only area on Bud's boat that didn't have a cover was the T-Top, and it showed. The gloss meter readings on the hull and topside of the boat ranged in the mid to low 80s, while the top of the T-Top had gloss meter readings as low as 13!

This is a challenge faced by almost any boat owner that has a hardtop T-Top. It is the one area on a boat that gets the most sun exposure, dirt, bird droppings, and contamination. Yet it is an area on the boat that rarely, or almost never gets washed or taken care of. Most boat owner suffer from "out of sight, out of mind" when it comes to the T-Top. The top of the T-Top is an area that you almost never see, so most people don't think to wash or clean it. This neglect of the T-Top can obviously lead to oxidization, but it can also lead to more reoccurring issues such as black streaks, which can make even the newest boat look ugly.

The top of the T-Top was uncovered, leading to heavy oxidization and dirt buildup
The hull and topside were in good shape, but there were noticeable water marks and swirls on the surface
The Process

Compared to many boats that we come across, this Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider was in great condition! The gloss meter readings before beginning our process measure in the high 80's on the topside and hull, which is comparable to factory new gel coat. The one trouble area on Buds' boat was the top of the t-top, because this area is never covered. The t-top had noticeable oxidization, with gloss meter readings as low as 13.

We utilize the gloss meter readings to determine the preparation steps required to give us our desired results. With gloss meter readings in the 80s, we know a simple polish will be sufficient. When areas such as the t-top, with readings as low as 13, we know that several buffing steps will be required before applying our marine ceramic coating.

We started with our heavy grade compound and a wool pad on the top of the T-Top, to remove the sever oxidization and stains from the surface. We then followed up with our Nano Compound (medium cut) with a wool pad, removing any remaining oxidization while reviving the shine. We finished buffing the T-Top with our Nano Polish and a foam pad, to smooth out the surface and boost the shine.

Once the top of the T-Top was buffed, we use surface wipe to remove any residue and decontaminate the surface before coating. Using an application sponge we applied two coats of Glidecoat's Marine Ceramic Coating on the top of the T-Top, filling in the pores of the gel coat, creating a hard protective barrier on top of the gel coat.

Because the rest of the boat was in such good shape, with gloss meter readings in the 80's, not as much prep was needed. Our main goal when the surface is in this good of shape is to remove any light surface scratches and swirl marks, while boosting the shine into the 90's. We were able to accomplish this with a foam pad and our Nano Polish.

We then applied two coats of our Marine Ceramic Coating to all flat fiberglass areas on the hull and topside.

The Result
"Looks better then when we picked it up new! Thanks for exceeding my expectations." - Bud

The final results of Buds Formula was truly amazing! The depth of shine and gloss was even better than new!

The top of the T-Top went from being heavily oxidized and dirty, to clean, protected, and great gloss. The gloss meter readings went from 13 all the way up to the high 80's.

The hull and topside started with gloss meter readings in the low to mid 80's. After applying Glidecoat's Marine Ceramic Coating, the gloss meter readings measured at an amazing 96 and 97!

Top of the T-Top after Marine Ceramic Coating marine fiberglass top coating application.

Great shine and reflection after Glidecoat marine fiberglass top coating application.

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