Sea Ray 370 Case Study

May 8, 2017

  Boat: Sea Ray 370 Boat Year: 1995 Color: White hull with colored stripes Issue: Chalky finish Owner: Bill Karmis I took delivery two seasons ago of a well-used 1995 Sea […]

Case Study – Blackjack 224

Apr 17, 2017

  Boat: Blackjack 224 Boat Year: 2015 Color: Black Hull Issue: Fading and Oxidization Owner: Redfin Charters A fishing charter operation in Charleston, South Carolina, Redfin has 2 Blackjack 224’s. […]

Increased gloss and shine by more than 15% from factory new with Glidecoat Top Coating

Mar 15, 2017

Recently at the Miami Boat Show we had the opportunity to coat a brand new 30 Foot Cutwater for Pocket Yacht. The boat was delivered to the Boat Show staging […]

Glidecoat Top Coating Tips

Mar 1, 2017

Using a Gloss Meter One of the many reasons people have Glidecoat applied to their boat is to overall improve the gloss and shine. Obviously, there are numerous other reasons, […]

Glidecoat Unveils It’s Latest Array of Marine Top Coatings at IBEX 2016 Booth 3603, Tampa Convention Center, OCT 4-6

Sep 30, 2016

West Palm Beach, Florida, September 30, 2016 Glidecoat, manufacturer of protective, preventive and anti-fouling products for the marine and aviation industries, will introduce a new addition to its premium line […]

A Técnologia de Superfície Inteligente (SST), oferece agora o Nano Coating (nano revestimento), que veio para revolucionar a indústria de barcos infláveis.

Jun 17, 2016

17 DE Junho de 2016, West Palm Beach, Florida A Glidecoat, detentora de tecnologia Smart Surface da Nano Coating, está agora revolucionando a indústria de embarcações infláveis com o revestimento […]

Smart Surface Technology Provider of Nano Coating, Is Now Revolutionizing The Inflatable Marine Vessel Industry

Jun 17, 2016

West Palm Beach, FL – June 17, 2016 Glidecoat, the Smart Surface Technology provider of Nano Coating, is now revolutionizing the inflatable marine vessel industry with Glidecoat Inflatable coating—and industry […]

Yorkshire Rows Glides Into the Record Books with Glidecoat

Mar 8, 2016

West Palm Beach, FL – March 8, 2016 The Yorkshire Rows crew lauds Glidecoat technology after completing their record making Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge trek. On February 26, 2016, Janette […]

A Yorkshire Rows entrou para o livro dos recordes graças a Glidecoat

Mar 8, 2016

8 de Março de 2016, West Palm Beach, Florida A equipe do Yorkshire Rows elogiou a tecnologia da Glidecoat após ter quebrado o recorde do Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. Em […]

A Glidecoat redefiniu a Indústria com o Prop Optimizer

Sep 30, 2015

30 de Setembro de 2015, West Palm Beach, Florida A Glidecoat, desenvolvedora de uma gama de produtos de nano-revestimento de tecnologia de superfície inteligente (SST), redefiniu o mercado marítimo com […]

Glidecoat Redefines Industry with Prop Optimizer

Sep 30, 2015

West Palm Beach, FL – September 30th, 2015 Glidecoat, the developers of a range of smart surface technology nano-coating products, have once again redefined the marine market with the introduction […]

A Glidecoat da boas-vindas ao novo Chefe de Produtos

Sep 2, 2015

West Palm Beach, Fl – 2 de Setembro 2015 A Glidecoat tem o prazer de anunciar a recente chegada ao nosso time do Sr. Ken Rohlman, que hoje se junta […]

Glidecoat welcomes new Chief Product Officer

Sep 2, 2015

West Palm Beach, FL – September 2, 2015 Glidecoat, the Smart Surface Technology provider of Nano Coating, is pleased to announce its recent hire of Ken Rohlman, who today joins […]

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Glidecoat is a registered trademark of Onan Technologies Inc., established in 2012. The company utilizes innovative technology to produce Nano-coatings for both aviation and marine vessels.


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