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Thanks For Your Interest in Working with Glidecoat

This is an exciting time for us. And we believe it could be for you too.

From our headquarters in South Florida we have “grown” the Glidecoat brand of marine nano-ceramic surface protection products into one of the most successful product lines of its kind in North America. During this time we have received many enquires from customers around the world including Australia. And while we have already sold to many Australian boaters, the logistical challenges of shipping to individual international customers inadvertently increases the costs to our customers which, naturally, negatively impacts sales volume.

We know there is interest in Glidecoat in your country but we also believe that the only way to service Australia, and perhaps New Zealand, in a cost-effective manner, is to establish a working relationship with a local distributor.

If you see this opportunity as clearly as we do, then we should talk as soon as possible.

I invite you to spend some time on our website to better understand the Glidecoat story and then you can help write the next chapter.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Distributor Enquiries:

Please use this form to answer a couple of basic questions and then I will arrange an appropriate time for us to discuss it on the phone.